Waikaia a former gold mining town is progressively becoming a popular tourist destination and a fantastic holiday spot for many families. Nestled between the Garvie and Umbrella mountains and a 54km drive from Gore, it lies on the edge of the Waikaia River, which is a popular fishing spot for keen anglers. It is home to one of the South's major high country stations; Glenaray and is a strong farming community, maintaining the good old rural community feel. 


Along with the services of a General Store, Hotel, Motel and School, Waikaia's heritage is proudly displayed in The Switzers Museum. Treasures and relics of the past keep visitors endlessly entertained. A focal point of the town is the Bottle House which adjoins the museum and is constructed of 20,000 empty wine bottles.


Other attractions of the area are the fantastic trout fishing in the Waikaia River and nearby streams, excellent hunting in State Forest (permits required from DOC), and excellent golf course for a round of nine holes.


Waikaia is the perfect place to getaway and relax and explore. Along with an abundance of outdoor activities  the valley's history and hospitable people make this an intriguing, warm and welcoming place to visit



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